This report is given when a student is caught chewing gum in my class. This report is to be hand written and NOT typed!

Why you should not chew gum in Mr. Cosper’s Class
Do not ask me about this assignment. The following written assignment has been placed on your desk because you have failed to follow classroom instructions and have broken a classroom rule. Every student in this school has the right to learn and every teacher in this school has the right to teach. You do not have the right to interfere with any teacher’s right to teach and any student’s right to learn.
Chewing gum is disruptive, as well as hazardous to your health, and destructive to property.
Chewing gum is disruptive because it is a distraction to other students as well as the teacher. It distracts because of the noise it produces, and it is also a visual distraction from the chewing motion. Either distraction can prevent a student’s optimal environment for learning, as well as preventing a teacher from teaching. This is not acceptable, as stated above.
Chewing gum affects your health in various ways, including damage to your teeth, increased sugar levels, and wear and tear on your jaw.
Gum is coated in sugar. Sugar attacks your teeth, wearing away enamel and promoting cavities. Cavities weaken teeth. Cavities also affect the gums, and can promote poor gum health. Also, if left unattended, cavities can spread to the roots of your teeth, which can lead to teeth falling out.
The sugar gum deposits into your system also increases the sugar levels in your body. Obesity is an increasing problem in the United States, and it is largely attributed to the vast quantities of sugar consumed by the average American. Diabetes is also a consequence of an overabundance of sugar consumption. Diabetes can cause blindness, foot ulcers, and even death.
Chewing gum involves a repetitive motion in your jaw. This repetitive motion can increase the wear in the jaw. Also, continual stress of the jaw muscles have been shown to be a factor in a condition called TMJ, which can cause pain and restriction of movement in the jaw.
Chewing gum has also proven to be destructive to property. It is left under desks, on the floor, and stuck to belongings. When it is left under the desk, it requires janitorial staff to spend time and energy to the removal of the gum, as well as making an uncomfortable environment for other students who do not wish to make contact with gum as it is viewed as offensive and unhygienic. When left on the floor, it ruins carpet and other flooring, creating a marred surface that attracts dirt and is unsightly. It also sticks to shoes, causing the soles to be sticky and dirty. Gum also can end up on other’s belongings, causing them to be ruined or requiring cleaning.
Chewing gum affects both others and yourself adversely. Therefore, you are expected to refrain from chewing gum on school property. Also, to ensure that you have read the reasons why thoroughly, you are expected to copy this sheet verbatim, and to sign and date the top of the pages you wrote. If this is not accomplished correctly the first time, you will be required to copy the page over three additional times, along with a written explanation of why you did not follow directions correctly.
Not following the rules wastes your time, the teacher’s time, and your fellow students’ time. Your teachers expect better behavior from you in the future.