Middle School Mania: Technology Page

Use this page to help start your journey into using technology to make your job easier!

1. Wikispaces:

A free website tool that is user friendly which you can use as an extension of your classroom. The space can used as a platform to display many parts of your instruction. You can post notes, Powerpoints, videos, pictures, tutorials, discussions, and much more.

2. Virtual Lessons:

These lessons are easy to create using PowerPoints you already have! You can use Photostory to create lessons narrated by you. With these two programs combined you can have lessons ready to go, with you teaching, at a click of a button. Great for when you are swamped with paper work, re-teaching a lesson, or to post for review on your wikispace.

3. Camstudio:

A screen capturing tool that allows you to create great tutorials that many of you might see on YouTube. Make one to explain how to do an assignment, how to do homework problems, or how to use your wikispace or any other important program.

  • Instructions on how to use Camstudio:
  • Example of a STI tutorial made by using Camstudio: [ invalid file: How to put 21st Century Skill into STI.wmv ]
  • Note: Camstudio will save videos in .avi format, which are extremely big but with great quality. If you wish to place them on your wiki as I have, simply import your video into movie maker and save it there, and then load the .wmv file.

4. YouTube in the classroom:

Have you ever found that perfect YouTube video about the topic that you are teaching and wished you could show it to your students? If you use YouTube downloader it is fast and simple and you can build your own library of cool up to date video clips on any topic you teach. Make sure you watch the entire video!

5. Blabberize:

A fun tool you and your students can use to create funny talking characters that can enforce any topic you teach. Take any picture and make it talk! Great for a review project or creating interest in a new topic.

6. Glogster:

Exciting way to make digital posters where you can add pictures, videos, text, and voice clips. Forget grading those bulky posters when you and your students can easily make virtual ones.

7. Poster Maker:

A very cool way to use Excel to make printable posters of any size. Great to use when you need to make neat bulletin board displays or information posters for your classroom.

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